The three customer stages: buying a product.

There are several stages a customer goes through before buying a product. That’s why it’s important to follow the customer’s journey and to know how to reach your target audience in the ‘purchase funnel’.

1 – Awareness

Are you a new brand and do you want to be seen by a bigger public online?
Go for awareness – try to reach your customers through organic and paid search. For example: if you’re a new juice bar in town, go for local SEO and use paid advertising for the audience in your area. Create attractive campaigns and visuals and show the world what you got! No need to use a call for action yet, you just want to be seen and remembered by people.

2 – Consideration

So a lot of people know your business, but you want them to start thinking about your business. People have to look for more information about your company and show interest. In this part of the customer’s journey, the customer is interested in your products and/or services, you just need to help them to take action. You can do this by providing the customer with more information about your company. For example, you can tell them your juices are 100% natural and help to boost your immune system. Tell them more specific things about your products and keep them interested. In this stage, you already have more information about your customers which can make the targeting more focused. Build a deeper relationship with your target audience and connect with them.

3 – Conversions

It’s time to decide: is the customer willing to purchase your product/service? This stage is all about convincing your customer to buy! You can encourage them online to come to your offline shop. In the case of the juice bar, create a discount code that will give them 20% of a juice of their choice by showing it in the shop. Or any other call to action that will encourage and convince your audience to do it.

But wait! These are the three steps of the purchase funnel but we’re still missing something. Keep your customers involved after they purchased something. This is possible with newsletters, social media channels, and apps for example. Don’t let your customer go after they went through stage 3 – conversions. Keep surprising your costumers with special gifts and discount codes. Hold on to your them and don’t let them go, the customer journey never ends. 🙂