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Melrose Studio helps to create the bigger picture for your brand. We are specialised in connecting the dots of all marketing aspects and bringing them all together. From a detail oriented and personal approach we strive to create a better experience for your brand and your audience.

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Strategy & Consultation

First things first. We strongly believe that great plants will grow from healthy soil. We help businesses to determine long-term strategies and guide them through the process, and keep them on track.

Branding & Design

A strong visual identity can reflect a confident and trustworthy company. It can show the brand's personality and can draw your target audience to you. Studio Melrose can help you to build that brand.

Photography and Video

Studio Melrose creates visual journeys. Make your food look tastier, your property look cooler, or your hotel look dreamier. All through a camera lens, slick editing and fluent animations. We are here to help!

Content Management

Show your true colours on all your digital channels, by implementing your brand identity, story and visual content. We can help you to manage your (social) channels, and create a top-of-mind awareness for your target audience.

Copywriting & SEO

Your brand has a story to tell. We are here to tell it by writing appealing copy. We are proficient and experienced in finding the right keywords and applying them to your website and blogs. This will increase ranking higher in the search engines.

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