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Ellis Brown Commercial

Ellis Brown is a new property consultancy firm with years of experience. It’s a great pleasure to shoot the amazing and diverse range of commercial property in the center of London for Ellis Brown. The photography variates from property’s internal shots to external shots, and street photography to highlight London’s finest areas like Shoreditch, Camden and Soho.

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Photography that tells the story

Ellis Brown wants to stand out. To us, the building is more than just a commercial property. Every building has its own personality. Melrose wants to reflect this in a clear and unique approach. In our photography, we pay extra attention to the building’s details and externals. We also know that it’s not only about the property. The area is of equal importance, this is why we will capture the highlights and atmosphere of the surroundings too. We want our photos to tell the full story of the property.

Interior photo of industrial studio in London
Photo of property at the Union Canal in London
Interior photo of commercial studio in London
External photo of commercial buidling in London.
external photo of street with commercial property in London.


The Interior

The first step is to shoot the internals of the property. Wide angle shots for a full view of the space and some close ups to provide a closer look.


The Exterior

The second step is the externals. The facade, the gardens, the courtyards,  the roof terraces. Anything that makes the property unique!



We understand that Ellis Brown’s clients want to deal with the bigger picture. We are here to capture all the minutia that capture a new space entails.


The Area

Melrose is able to tell the whole story by capturing the surroundings and areas. Which pubs are close? Where can you have a good breakfast? Any parks nearby? We’ll make sure to provide this information.

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