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The creation of a Caribbean snack brand.

The Story

TIO LOBO’S © is a brand from Curaçao (Southern Caribbean) focused on locally produced snacks. Chef Faizel Lobo created a bunch of the tastiest fried meatballs and croquettes you will ever have. They are just beautiful. We are very happy to be part of this project. We designed and created this authentic identity with great joy and pleasure. Visually and conceptual.

As you might know, TIO is Uncle in Spanish and Papiamento (The language of Curaçao). We wanted to create an authentic Caribbean feeling, along with the feeling of tradition and familiarity. We also wanted the product to be a product of Chef Faizel Lobo. That’s why we decided to use his surname as well, which happened to be very suitable for branding, luckily.

The brand needed the colourful and sunny vibe of the Caribbean island and the authenticity of the product itself. Although the origin of the ”bitterball” snack itself is Dutch, Lobo’s filling is a traditional recipe from Curaçao and produced with local Caribbean products. We wanted to reflect that in a colourful and traditional way.

Sample Screens

These are some of the (packaging) designs that we did for TIO LOBO’S.

Main Colors

We’ve provided TIO LOBOS with a Caribbean colour scheme. The Caribbean blue colour has been chosen to reflect the beautiful oceans and clear blue sky. The orange colour is a nod to the Netherlands and also to the beautiful sunsets on the island. These main colours are accompanied by an ”aged” orange. Most houses on Curaçao are painted in bright colours, which discolour over time and fade due to the daily exposure to the coastal climate and the bright sunlight. For the same reason, the choice was made to give each product packaging a different colour, in order to recreate the colourful feeling of the island of Curaçao.


The Montserrat Family and Trend Sans have been selected as fonts for TIO LOBO’S.

What's your Favourite?

There is a taste for everyone. Chef Faizel continues to expand his flavours for TIO LOBO’S, making it increasingly colourful.

S - M Melrose
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