We've created, designed and delivered Terra boutique Hotel, from scratch.

Studio Melrose have been working closely with a team of professionals from the Hospitality industry, to establish Terra Boutique Hotel. Melrose created the concept, design and strategy (online and offline) for this Hotel. Besides shooting all content, designing the brand and all assets, Melrose also developed the website and manages all online (social) channels.


Terra means Earth. Earth is the guiding theme in the concept and brand.

Studio Melrose used the area and traditions of the Caribbean island of CuraƧao in both the concept as the branding. The Arawak Indians are well known to be the first inhabitants of this island. These Indians were known for their enormous knowledge and respect for Mother Nature, the earth and all the natural sources that surrounded them. The Arawaks were also very skilled in earthenware and pottery. This is were Terra got it’s earthy tones, terracotta elements, native patterns and earthy textures from. We wanted to create a ‘native’ feel and combine it with luxury and wellness to create the ultimate Terra experience.

A website created by Studio Melrose.

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Melrose doesn't create a brand, we create the entire experience

In the beginning, Terra Boutique Hotel was a nice building located at sea. It needed a bit of love and a tailor-made jacket to reveal it’s true potential. We worked closely together with a Terra team to achieve the realisation of our concept. Terra is an oasis in a bustling centre, Terra is a relaxing experience which stimulates all your senses, Terra is exactly what we had in mind. The earthy tones, the Caribbean experience, the native look and feel to reconnect the guests with the earth and their own wellbeing.