''Creative, innovative and expressive. We are Melrose, nice to meet you!''

Never stop learning. That’s what we stand for! In this digital era trends are developing 24/7.  With courses and online seminars, we stay up-to-date.
We like to combine a creative mindset with data related outcomes in order to achieve the best result(s).

Get to know a little bit more about us. With a background in media, information, and communications, both Bob and Eva are specialized in marketing. After working in The Netherlands and abroad, Bob and Eva traveled the world to help companies with content and more. Now, settled in London, they work for companies across the globe.

Let’s meet! Bob and Eva are both available to connect with you online or in-person, so let’s schedule an appointment and make it happen!

Eva Luitsz

Marketing Manager

Melrose is a collaboration that offers the best of two creatives. Eva is a marketing specialist with worldwide experience in marketing. Eva is specialized in SEO, social media, campaigns, directing, content creation, and much more! Bob is a visual artist also known as The Dutchman. He is a passionate art director and designer who expanded his horizon to the entire production of campaigns, concepts, video and photography, packaging, UI design, and illustrations. 

A Creative Marketing StudioBased in London

For us, London is the World’s capital of creativity. It’s where we discover limitless possibilities. The streets, the music, the (street) art, the people, the interiors, the local businesses and small shops, the history, and much more! The inspiration we find in everyday life is reflected in our work and creations. For us, every day is full of wonder and insights. We are more than happy to pass it on to you!

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